Hype and EIFHYTEC join forces to achieve a major breakthrough in hydrogen compression

The two companies, leaders in their respective fields, are pooling their expertise to improve the efficiency, reliability and cost of hydrogen compression by deploying this breakthrough technology on a large scale. By tackling this major bottleneck in the hydrogen value chain, Hype and EIFHYTEC will accelerate the deployment of this energy carrier, which is essential to the development of low-carbon mobility. 

EIFHYTEC’s non-mechanical compressors are characterised by their reliability, energy efficiency and absence of noise disturbance.

As part of this project, the pressure and flow rate will be significantly increased to meet the specifications of Hype, which will integrate a first new-generation compressor into its green hydrogen distribution infrastructure. Use in real-life conditions will enable us to validate the maturity of this technology and prepare for the deployment of this solution in Hype stations.

See the press release (link).