EIFHYTEC is a European industrial company based in Strasbourg & Haguenau, in Northern Alsace, France, with a team of engineers, PHDs and technicians, passionate about the energy transition and focusing on a common vision: contributing to the creation of a new industrial field of excellence for sustainable development and a green re-industrialisation of Europe.

Our field of expertise: hydrogen, a low-carbon energy carrier, which makes it possible to store renewable energies, decarbonise our industry and develop sustainable electric mobility.

The EIFHYTEC team combines various competences including mechanics, electrochemistry, thermodynamics and electronics with an overarching focus on hydrogen safety. By exploiting technological breakthroughs from more than 15 years of public and private research, our team develops products and technological solutions for the diverse uses of hydrogen, in industry and mobility.

We put the local development at the heart of our industrial project, by working with regional and European suppliers and partners. We aim to combine technical progress, economic development and the fight against climate change, to achieve a desirable future!