EIFHYTEC offers a broad range of technologies and services for your hydrogen installations, thanks to the expertise of its team in thermodynamics, heat sciences, high pressure technologies, mechanics, CAD, automation etc.

In particular, EIFHYTEC designs, builds and installs:

  • Hydrogen piping systems: At small or large scale, onsite, on gas panels, or in dedicated cabinets for technology manufacturers and operators of hydrogen installations. We select the materials and components adapted to your needs and realise the installation. We also perform all required commissioning procedures (inertisation, pressure & leak tests…) to enable a safe operation in accordance with ATEX & PED regulations.
  • Prototypes of innovative hydrogen solutions: based on the specific technology of technology developers, incl. H2 piping, Balance-of-plant, thermal integration, packaging for indoor/outdoor operation, electric integration, control & monitoring boxes. EIFHYTEC designs and build your prototype based on your specification, and can also provide you with specific engineering services (realization of P&ID diagrams, HAZOP studies, etc.)

Please contact us to discuss your project and assess how we can help you.